Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?
To tentatively schedule your appointment and receive an Enrollment Packet please utilize the contact information below:

Accessible Dental Services, Inc.
Phone: (724) 775-0448 x633
Fax: (724) 772-9642

Once the entire enrollment packet has been received, we will confirm your scheduled appointment.

What insurances do you accept and will there be a co-payment?
We accept most of the Medicaid Funded insurances such as Access, Gateway, United Health Care and UPMC.  The patient may be responsible for a co-payment depending on the type of insurance the patient has, but it is not due at the time of the appointment.

Where are your locations?
Our offices are located in Burgettstown, Greentree, Laporte, Mt. Pleasant, Murrysville, Rochester and Waynesburg.

How long are appointments?
Appointments are typically between 30 and 60 minutes.

Do you put people to sleep?
On average, half of our patients are treated without sedation.  If sedation is deemed necessary, ADS has an excellent anesthesia team that is capable of providing those services.

Can prescribed medications be taken prior to a sedation appointment?
Yes, prescribed medications may be taken with water or Jell-O only.  If medications are given with anything else (pudding, yogurt, Thick-it), you will have to be rescheduled.

Why are two escorts required for patients who receive anesthesia?
Two escorts are required so that one can drive and the other can watch the patient on the drive home.  The two escorts are also required to be able to assist with transfer in and out of the dental chair and wheelchair.