Appointment Day Preparation
Everything possible is done to ensure that both the patient and who accompanies them has a pleasant experience at the dentist.  To aid in doing this, the folks at Accessible Dental Services ask that you follow some simple instructions.  If the patient will be receiving sedation, they should have nothing to eat or drink after midnight the day before the appointment.  If they take morning medications, this may be done with a sip of water. Patients should wear loose fitting clothing and short sleeves.  Please arrive 20 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  If the patient is not being sedated simply arrive 20 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time.

What to Expect at the Appointment
Upon arrival, you will first be seated in the main reception area.  The patient will then be called back to the operatory room and the caregiver (agency staff or family member) will accompany them.  The anesthesiologist or dentist will release the caregiver, when they are ready to begin.  At this time, the caregiver may go back to the main reception area or the staff waiting room to have some refreshments while the patient is receiving dental care.  When the dental care appointment is complete, you will be notified and will go into the operatory to accompany the patient to either the reception area or recovery room, if needed.

Follow up appointments are scheduled prior to leaving the office.  If the patient has been sedated, it is recommended that they go home and rest for the remainder of the day.  If they were not sedated, they may resume their normal activity and diet.