ADS Advantage

Why Choose Accessible Dental Services…

Are you waiting months to get in to your current dental provider?
Accessible Dental offers short wait times to be seen.  No need to wait months to be seen by the dentist.  In most cases, individuals can be seen within 30 days of the initial call—sometimes shorter.  Because we offer regular clinics, getting in to see your dentist is easier than ever before.  Yes, we DO offer emergency care, as well. (Need to schedule an appointment NOW?)

Is your organization or your individuals paying too much for dental care?
Many dental offices do not accept Medicaid-funded dental plans.  As a result, your organization or the individual you serve foot the bill!  Not with Accessible Dental.  Because Accessible Dental accepts all Medicaid-funded dental insurance plans, the highest quality care does not mean higher cost.  In fact, in most cases, you will see your cost go down!

Are you traveling more than 2 hours to be seen?
We know that finding a quality dentist with the experience to serve special needs individuals is a challenge.  Our patients tell us that before Accessible Dental individuals were traveling hours for dental care.  With convenient locations, you are eliminating the stress of a long drive, saving valuable staff time and gas money!

Have you had a bad experience at your dentist office?
Let’s face it!  Not every dentist has the skills and experience to work with special needs individuals.  Our team makes sure your visit to the dentist is a good one!