Who Do We Serve and Mission

What is the Need?
Research increasingly confirms that chronic oral infections are linked to other physical health conditions.  By establishing regular dental care at any age, an individual’s oral health practices are well grounded for the future.

While oral health is a crucially important issue for everyone, recent studies have noted that the intellectual disabilities population tends to have significantly higher rates of poor oral hygiene and a greater need for treatment of serious and more complex medical problems.  A multitude of barriers exist; however, access to dental care for individuals with disabilities is reaching a critical point.

Who do we serve?
Accessible Dental Services, Inc. is a unique, non-profit organization that provides quality dental care for individuals with disabilities.  We use a combination of facilities-based services, along with a mobile unit, to create a superior dental experience for our special needs patients.

The goal of ADS is to provide superior, special needs dentistry to consumers in a safe, secure environment, while meeting regulatory and best practices for preventative care.  ADS purchased a mobile dental unit to deliver dental supports that focus on bridging the gap between private providers with little or no training in meeting the unique needs of patients with intellectual disabilities, and clinics that use general anesthesia to serve people with more significant challenges.

Mission Statement
It is the mission Accessible Dental Services to provide comprehensive dental care of the highest quality to people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral health needs in order to meet their dental and health care needs, and to enhance their daily life experiences and self-esteem.

Vision Statement
Accessible Dental Services will enhance community based resources so that every consumer and family has access to dental services in their local communities, and that those services are performed by skilled professionals who provide care with compassion, dignity, and respect for people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral health needs.